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Cold Comfort

Posted by BCM on Monday, January 2, 2017, In : Seasons 

January is generally the coldest month of the year in London.  

Coming so soon after Christmas, it can be a bleak and uninspiring time.

But, if you think it gets cold now, it’s nothing to how it once was.  In days gone by, it was quite common for the Thames to freeze over.

The years between 1309 and 1814 were known as the Little Ice Age and the Thames iced over at least 23 times!  

The river was wider then and flowed a lot slower.  Blocks of ice would catch in the narrow arches of the Old Londo...

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The Victoria Sponge Cake

Posted by BCM on Tuesday, March 29, 2016, In : Baking 
Named after Queen Victoria, who apparently had a very sweet tooth, what do the words “Victoria Sponge Cake” conjure up for you?  

Fond memories perhaps of teatime at home with Mum or Granny, the warm smell of fresh baking still in the air? They probably all had their own version of this simple two layered cake filled with jam and cream, topped with a dusting of caster sugar. But what a special treat it was, and still is.

Teatime itself has its roots in Victorian times when it was usual to e...

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