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From Soil to Table: May

Posted by Rosemary Jeboo on Saturday, May 9, 2015 Under: Gardening
May arrives with an enchantment and an expectation. 

Gardening work is intercepted for a few minutes as apple blossoms among wisteria flowers challenge my senses and my mind is stilled with appreciation and gratitude. 

I have started the interminable task of planting seedlings into the prepared soil ensuring that I have dug in enough compost.  Vegetables such as the brassicas and courgettes are hungry for nutrients.  The leguminous plants such as peas and beans have root nodules which convert atmospheric nitrogen into nitrites which is good for the soil.  This is why I have found it so important to keep a gardening diary so that I know what is planted where.  I can then rotate and alternate the crops every year as one group of plants diminishes the soil of nutrients whilst another group builds it.  

I take breaks from planting by watching the lavender plants which are lifting themselves up ready for summer and the aquilegias all poised to flower.  They are full of nectar and I guess that I am not the only one full of expectation but also the bees and butterflies.

I think everyone should grow perpetual spinach even if you do not have a garden.  It can be grown in on windowsill.  It provides greens throughout the year and like sorrel is versatile and can be used in dals, curries, pasta, quiches and scrambled eggs.

Bygan Chokha (aubergine chutney) recipe – Guyanese style

  1. Wash, dry and make small longitudinal slits on sides of aubergine
  2. Peel about five cloves of garlic and stick into slits
  3. Put in a baking tray under grill 
  4. Once skin has completely softened take out 
  5. Scrape out flesh and mash with a fork and discard shrivelled skin
  6. Finely chop spring onions, celery, green chillies 
  7. Add salt, lemon juice and fresh coriander

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