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From Soil to Table: July

Posted by Rosemary Jeboo on Wednesday, July 15, 2015 Under: Gardening
July rewards the gardener for their patience with a bountiful supply of vegetables and flowers.  

Orange hues from pomegranate flowers and runner beans flowers interspersed with vibrant poppies, fragrant sweet peas and nasturtium flowers bring joy to the eyes.  Dahlias and honeysuckle peer through the apple and bay foliage.  Now is the time to enjoy the ‘fruits of one’s labour.’  

The sight of fruit trees laden with apples, pears and plums fills the gardener with a satisfaction of what nature can provide.

My pumpkin and squash vines are scampering over the trellis and stakes, their tendrils wrap themselves furiously with a focussed mission of supporting their weighty crops.

This July has been hot so the plants need a lot of watering.  I have interspersed water butts in every corner where there is a roof, such as the sheds and greenhouse.  So water is accessible in every part of my garden.  

I take breaks to pick cornflower and lavender which fill my house with soft blue colours.  Pots filled with flowering freesias are positioned near doorways to catch the scent as it wafts into the house.  I store these snapshot images in my mind so that in those periods when one has any misgivings of the arduous nature of gardening – I can reinforce these images.

There are many courgettes which I put in every conceivable dish possible – rice, noodles, quiches and curries.  I also am reaping an abundance of herbs – oregano, mint, coriander, sage, basil and chives. They add flavour and nutrients to the any meal.

These last few months have been special in my garden.  The wisteria and pomegranate (germinated from seed) which I planted ten years ago have flowered for the first time.  Numinous. 

Recipe for spiralized courgette pasta
  1. Use a spiralizer to make courgette spirals
  2. Jazz up with basil pesto, feta, pine nuts, salt and pepper
  3. Eat raw

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